How to Get Started in Guest Blogging for Marketing and Advertising

30325701_sFinding Opportunities to Guest Blog

Forbes recently spoke with a business owner who invested in guest blogging and saw a 474 percent return on investment from the tactic. To get going towards this, though, you must first find respectable sources that accept guest blogs.
You can start this search by going to Google and typing in your industry name along with “submit a guest post” or “guest post guidelines,” quotes built-in. You may also look around for places that industry bloggers are employing. The most important point is finding a site relevant to your industry that permits guest blog posts.

Get Acquainted with Guest Post Guidelines

Once you find a dependable site that accepts blog posts from small businesses, make sure to fully familiarize yourself with their post guidelines. You could spend one hour or more writing a fantastic blog post, but if you don’t follow the page guidelines, there is very little chance that they will accept.

Usefulness is the Target, Not Promotion

While the end goal of guest blogging is obviously to raise your marketing reach, that does not need to be evident in your blog post. The site that will consider your submission wants content that their followers find useful. In some cases, guidelines will permit calls to action or a business name mention, but be aware that it is your job to inform, not create a hard sell.

Guest blogging could easily turn into one of your best marketing ideas. It is all a matter of focusing on how to engage in the practice. When you finally become a effective guest blogger, the sky is the limit in your market.

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