How to Launch A Social Media Marketing Campaign for your Local Business In Five Easy Steps

Developing a presence on social networks is an excellent way to reach out to your customers. If you need help with developing an efficient campaign, go over the following article carefully.

Start by creating profiles on the networks your customers use regularly. There are many different social networks besides the popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ but you need to focus on the sites your customers use on a daily basis.

12918508_sIf you are not sure which networks your customers use the most, you should look for studies on the subculture or age group you are targeting. Using surveys or study groups is another good option. Do not forget that new social networks appear regularly. Make sure you join the latest networks if your customers start using these sites.

Use your profiles to create a positive image for your brand. Make sure you use the same name and profile pictures so your customers can easily recognize all your business. Write a short but efficient description of your brand and products, and make sure you add a link to your main website or blog in a visible spot. Your profiles will come up in search results if you use strong keywords in your short description.

Let your audience know about your new social media site. If you communicate with customers through blog articles or a newsletter, write an update about your new project and give some examples of the kind of content you will be sharing. Add links to your profiles on your homepage and in your newsletters or email alerts. If you want to boost this new campaign, use social networks to share exclusive information about your new products and discounts.

Share updates on a daily basis if you find that your customers check social networks every day. Choose your updates carefully, and do not hesitate to take a short break from social networking if you cannot find anything good to share. Use different formats such as short texts, links, pictures, videos, polls and games and do your best to share content that is valuable, educational or entertaining with your audience.

Use the different features offered by social networks to interact with your audience. Making your campaign more interactive is a great way to generate more sales since customers will be more likely to purchase a product once they are engaged by a campaign. Share content that will make your audience react and ask your subscribers to share their own content with you, either by commenting on your updates or tagging you in theirs. Organizing contests or giveaways is an excellent way to generate some interest for your social media marketing campaign and get customers to interact with you if you give them a chance to win a free product.

Follow these five steps to get started with social media marketing and improve your presence on the Internet. Once you have developed a strong campaign, set some goals and monitor your results to make sure your strategies are efficient.

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