Better Insights into How Your Ads Work

Your ad results should shape your marketing strategy, helping you make real-time decisions on current campaigns, or help you find direction for the future. But digesting these results shouldn’t be strenuous.

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We know that understanding how Facebook’s auction, optimization and targeting work is key to getting the most value on our platform, and that’s why we’re introducing more campaign transparency and predictability with Delivery Insights and Estimated Daily Results.

The redesigned Delivery Insights dashboard features an updated interface that provides in-depth auction metrics and guidance for interpreting fluctuations in performance. The tool displays trends in an ad set’s impressions, amount spent, results and cost-per-result as well as auction metrics to explain those trends. Newly-released auction metrics include auction overlap for interpreting whether overlapping audiences between ad sets might be affecting your spend and audience saturation for interpreting whether increased frequency might be contributing to declines in your results or cost-per-result.

“Delivery Insights and notifications have empowered our team at Smule to be proactive in investigating campaigns that display sudden shifts in performance. The Audience Overlap and Audience Saturation tabs, in particular, give us actionable data which contribute to spend allocation and campaign optimization decisions. These tools have become part of our daily process in User Acquisition.”

—Eugenia Kovalenko, Senior Marketing Manager, Smule Inc.

Marketers often tell us that they’d like a better idea of the results they can expect from their campaigns. To help address this need, we’ve created Estimated Daily Results. Whether creating a new ad set or editing an existing one, we will estimate your daily results such as website conversions and video views, factoring in your budget and other parameters like your audience, bid amount and placements selections.This tool is eligible for all optimization goals except product catalog sales, brand awareness optimization, impressions and store visits

The Estimated Daily Results tools comes in two forms: a budget curve and a slider bar. The budget curve sets expectations on number of potential daily results when editing budget for existing ad sets; the tool is available today to all advertisers in the Budget & Schedule section when editing ad sets for higher-confidence estimates and will be available for lower-confidence estimates in mid-April. The Estimated Daily Results slider bar similarly sets expectations on number of potential daily results and complements the budget curve by estimating outcomes for changes made to inputs beyond budget such as your audience, bid amount, and placements; the slider bar is available today to all advertisers in the right-hand side when editing campaigns and will be available when creating campaigns in mid-April.

We will continue providing transparency and predictability into our ad delivery system to help you get the best results given your goals. This is the first of many delivery updates, all of which aim to provide you with more tools based on what we know so that you can make the most informed decisions to drive results for your business.

by: Facebook Business

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