What’s Useful in the Latest Social Media Updates

Social media is nothing if not constantly changing, which at first glance can be quite discouraging. We may already feel as though it’s next to impossible to keep up, but I would argue that most of the time, these changes are improvements, and designed to make things easier and more effective, rather than simply change for change sake.

41340182_sMany of these changes can be a big help to any small business, so we take the time necessary to see what may work nicely for us.

To make this easier, we’ve identified some of the more interesting and possibly beneficial social media updates that have been introduced recently, and present 5 of them here.

5 Of the Latest Social Media Updates that You Can Use in Your Small Business

Facebook Instant Articles - Facebook is debuting a new feature called Instant Articles, which is designed to allow information publishers to more effectively get their message out on mobile devices. Highly interactive and user friendly, this promises to help publishers with monetizing and spreading their content.

Twitter to expand Characters in Direct Messages - Twitter is listening and beginning in July 2015 they have pumped up the character limit on direct messages (not Tweets!) to 10,000 characters. I’m already imagining the possibilities…

Google Search to Show More Social Results - Look for Tweets to start showing up in Google mobile search results. All you need to do is to type your interest into the Google mobile app and the resulting page will have relevent and recent Tweets on the subject at hand. For now this only works on mobile, desktop to come later.

Twitter’s Killer New Search Page - Even more from Twitter, a new, full-featured search results page which boasts a far cleaner and useful interface. You can also filter your searches quite nicely, to further refine your search queries.

Simply Measured LinkedIn Reporting - The popular social analytics company Simply Measured has released a new report designed to give LinkedIn publishers a far deeper look into their analytics. Along with a wealth of metrics to choose from, there is also an updated cross channel social performance reports covering 8 social networks. Check it out!

Social media is in a constant state of changeand up with some of the changes will help keep your social efforts fruitful.

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