Learn 5 Types of Visual Content to Use in your Marketing

43948349_sThere is no doubt the world is growing increasingly visual, at least the World Wide Web. Today people are far more inclined to view visual content than they are to read textual material. For confirmation you need look no further than your Facebook newsfeed. 87 percent of the most-shared posts contain photos, and posts having visual content result in 180 percent greater engagement.

You’ve also likely noticed the influx of marketing via visual content. This is one of the least difficult and most lucrative ways to market to come along in a while. And the good news is, there’s still time to make this work for your business too.

5 Types of Effective Visual Content for Marketing

Infographics - This relatively recent visual content form has several great advantages. Firstly you can cram a lot (or a little!) data in a very creative form. Second, and perhaps most important, they are easy to share and people are usually eager to do so, resulting in traffic and backlinks.

Videos - Versatile and easy to share, videos also offer the ability to be shared widely, and are easy to create in a number of forms. You can create simple slideshow videos, web cam videos, live on location videos, short Vine or Instagram videos (6- 30 seconds long!) and many more ideas. This form is also excellent for generating traffic and links.

Images and Memes - It’s reached the point where a post isn’t really a post without an image or a meme. What’s more, if you take the time to produce unique imagery, these have a second, possibly more useful life on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Screenshots - Screenshots are an excellent way to convey social proof. They are super easy to generate, and you can easily insert them into many types of posts, or create slideshows with them.

Data Shares - Using charts and graphs are a good way to illustrate data through visualization. Tough to convey concepts in text are more fully understood with an accompanying data share.

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