Learn the Benefits of Combining Email and Social Media

Chances are you’ve probably wondered the best way to combine the huge reach and networking ability of social media with your email marketing. All things considered, email is still a top method for marketing, and social media can deliver huge audiences you may not have been able to contact as yet.

So how exactly can we combine the massive reach of social media with the functionality and marketing potential of email? Here are 3 tips to get these two working well together.

3861354_s3 Tips for Integrating Email and Social Media

Use social sharing icons in your emails - This is the easiest and yet still very productive method that can be done. At this time Facebook and Twitter users are your best bet for getting them to share your emails, with between 30-40% for every 100 emails opened. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the best when it comes to clicks on shared emails, turning in results of between 6.2 % and 7.9%. And simply having the icons is not enough. You’ll want to encourage your readers to share with anyone else who might find this useful.

Collect opt-ins from Facebook and Twitter - A relatively new addition to both Facebook and Twitter is the capability to generate email signups right from the platforms. You’ll need something appealing to give away, whether that is an ebook, whitepaper, webinar, video or something else. It is free on both platforms, (though you will be the Twitter ad troll to do this, but you don’t have to buy ads) and you can reach an entire new audience separate from your email list.

Use Retargeting Campaigns on your Social Networks - While retargeting is the trendiest way to increase revenue, you can optimize this type of marketing by creating retargeting lists of people who’ve clicked links in your emails, and thus build an audience to whom you can send ads and has already shown an interest in your offers. Sort of retargeting on steroids. Facebook and Twitter are the best places to try this tactic at the moment.

Utilize these 3 methods for integrating email and social media and you’ll soon discover the power of combining these methods.

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