Learn What You Need to Effectively Track your Website Data

Considering the many hats small business owners are compelled to wear, it’s not a surprise that tracking your website visitors falls pretty far down the list of things to do. That’s a shame, because having this data working for you can often be the difference between a successful or failed campaign.

20632498_sThe first and sometimes only reason this doesn’t happen is that it’s a technical area, and most of us aren’t up to speed on what it takes to make this happen. Is it a software you have to buy, or who’s going to make it work the way it needs to? Let’s check out the answers you need to these questions, and get you started out collecting your data today.

Top tools for collecting data and analyzing it

There are lots of tools available out there for tracking and collecting website data, but for those just starting out the best option is unquestionably Google Analytics.

GA is a free tool (even though there is a premium version that you most likely won’t need) that gives you a bird’s eye view of how your visitors are interacting with and otherwise using your pages. The many facets of this magnificent tool allows you to more effectively fine-tune your marketing initiatives, advertising campaigns and search engine success.

What sort of data should you track?

There is a wealth of items you might want to track, but at the start here are 5 important ones that everyone should look at.

  • Traffic sources - Knowing where your traffic is coming from is crucial to understanding and implementing your marketing campaigns. Very often you may be surprised at what you discover!
  • Conversions - This metric provides invaluable data regarding conversions, allowing you to make any necessary changes to increase your conversion rates.
  • Keywords - Understanding the keywords people are using to find your pages is important, and can lead to more and better traffic.
  • Top pages - Which pages are performing the best? This data shows you how many visits each page gets, and allows you to understand how people are viewing your site in general.
  • Time on page - The more time people spend on your page, the better it will do in the search results.

The capability to track and understand your website data is key to making good and profitable decisions in your small business. Get stated tracking today!

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