Learn How to Use LinkedIn to Help your Small Business

Remember when LinkedIn was that site you visited when you wanted to either post of look for a new job? It’s so much more than that now, and for small businesses, it has become a powerful tool for branding and networking your company.

Among the many features LinkedIn for small businesses are the ability to post content in many forms, meet and connect with other professionals that can help your business in many ways, and be a helpful tool in your business branding arsenal.

We’ve found 5 ways you’ll want to utilize LinkedIn for your small business. Here they are!

13258256_s5 Ways LinkedIn can really help your Small Business

Utilize your profile - Your efforts at using LinkedIn for branding will be hindered if you aren’t taking full advantage of the tools the platform offers, chief among these your profile. Make use of the rich tools available here to give a full and complete picture of your business.

Use great images - Take every opportunity to inject visual content into your LinkedIn content through the use of images, videos, presentation and more. People respond to visual far faster and better than mere text.

Become a groupie - There are very important connections found in LinkedIn groups, and you’ll discover that you’ll be getting on average 4X more profile views compared to those who aren’t involved in groups. Become a useful contributor here, and watch your connections soar.

Do the work of connection - The fact remains you have to put out some effort to have LinkedIn work well for you. Posting terrific content, being available and helpful, and branding yourself here will pay great dividends.

Try LinkedIn Company Pages - LinkedIn gives you the facility, much like Facebook, to create a dedicated company page. Make best use of this and use it as a satellite to your main site.

Another choice resource available to you to help you on this platform is LinkedIn’s small business helps. Be sure to make use of these free resources to help your business grow in authority on LinkedIn.

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