Local Marketing Trends To Know In 2016

When it comes to running a small business, local marketing is the most vital aspect of becoming successful. After all, how can you hope to branch out if you can’t even appeal to your neighbors? This means it’s essential to keep your local marketing strategy up-to-date, and knowing these trends for 2016 can help you do just that.

38677431_sMarketing Competition Becomes Brutal

If you ran the only industry-specific business in a community, you wouldn’t have to worry about competitors. Unfortunately, this usually isn’t the case, and if your competition is upping their game, it’s essential for you to do so as well.

A recent report found that a full 84 percent of local businesses plan on increasing marketing spending in 2016. This means there’s a very good chance your competitors will be doing so as well. If your business is to stay competitive, you’re going to need to improve your local marketing in 2016.

Integration to Mobile-Friendly Websites Will Be Complete

Most companies that don’t already have mobile-friendly websites will make the move in 2016. Those that already recognized the necessity of doing so will also increase spending in the mobile arena. The majority of online searchers will immediately leave a website if it’s not mobile-friendly, so if you haven’t already made the move, just know that all of your competition will likely have done so by 2017.

Mobile Payments Become Marketable Feature

You’ve more than likely been to at least one store where customers can pay with their mobile devices. In 2016, this will become much more widespread. A full 15 percent of purchases at Starbucks already take place like this, and as is the case with any trending technology, having mobile payment capabilities will become a marketable feature in your local area. It’s just another advantage you can have over your competition, so definitely consider the investment.

Staying up to date on marketing trends is essential for any company, but for small businesses local trends are where it’s at. If you prepare yourself for what 2016 has to offer, you just might have a very successful year ahead of you.

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