See If You Are Making Any of These 5 Call to Action Mistakes

There is nothing more disheartening than spending countless hours developing great products and services only to have them languish at the mercy of a poor call to action. Sometimes regardless of how great your service or product or how clever your sales copy, if you aren’t skilled at putting a compelling call to action exactly where it should be at the exact right time, very little will happen. Let’s examine 5 common call to action blunders, and how you can prevent them.

12827651_s5 Call to action mistakes to avoid like the plague

Missing in action call to action - It would certainly surprise you to see how many sales pages or opt-in pages are totally absent a call to action. There may be a Buy Now button, but there’s more to your call to action than that, I hope.

Not asking with boldness - If you aren’t positive about your presentation of your products or services no one else will be either. Be bold when asking for the sale, as it will deliver [enter cool benefits they will receive] and solve all their problems.

Make sure there is only one call to action - Often times marketers will try and fit in several different calls to action on one page. This can only fly on a true e-commerce site. For all others, employ only one call to action per page. Keep it focused and you’ll convert better.

No social proof - Do you have any testimonials or satisfied customer reviews or comments? Surrounding your call to action with social proof such as this can often swing the sale your direction. We all love credibility.

Don’t blend in too well - One of the easiest ways to get people to leave your page without taking the action you desire is to make your call to action next to invisible. Even though the color schemes and sizes should be complimentary, not making your call to action stand out clearly is shooting yourself in the wallet. Don’t do it.

Avoid these mistakes and you’re well on the way to increasing conversions.

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