Mobile Ads — Are They for You?

You’ve read all the hype about mobile advertising, and likely wondered exactly how much of it was true, and if it would apply to you and your business.

With estimates of 27.8 billion more mobile searches than desktop by 2015, and the fact that some 74 percent of smartphone owners use their phone to get real-time location-based information, such as directions, it has become abundantly clear that mobile is where the people are.

26568409_sSo with all this growth occurring, how does a small business take advantage of this opportunity to drive customers to their doors? We’ve outlined a number of ways your business can profit from mobile ads.

How to use mobile ads in your small business

  • Are your pages mobile friendly? - It’ll make no sense to drive mobile traffic to pages that aren’t mobile optimized. Think about switching to a responsive design that automatically resizes the screen on demand and provides the best user experience to your visitor.
  • Make sure to optimize for local keywords - You’ll need to optimize for local keywords, which can help you in several ways. You’ll rank better for those terms organically in Google together with mobile, plus doing this makes it far more likely you’ll get picked up in Google Maps.
  • Investigate the various ad platforms - When mobile ads came out a few years ago, there was basically only AdMob. Not so anymore. Facebook and Google are spending lots of money on mobile, and besides them you’ll find great platforms like Jumptap, mMedia, Mojiva, and Foursquare.
  • What is Native Advertising? - A term you may not have heard before is now popular in mobile ads. Native advertising means ads that are run on willing sites and blogs that closely complement the existing content. A wonderful way to keep tighter control on where your ads run as well as what they’ll cost you.

It’s time to get into mobile ads! Research firm IBISWorlds reports that within the next five years, geolocation services will allow advertisers to focus on consumers with ads and coupons at the most convenient moment, as they pass by a store or walk down a certain aisle. You’ll want that to be your store!

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