Mobile Marketing Steps Every Small Business Operator Needs

Marketing has evolved over the years. Whereas radios and newspapers were where you wanted to be, these days it is all about the internet. This evolution, in truth, has continued to where it’s essential to concentrate on mobile marketing. After all, 21 percent of men and women access the internet exclusively by way of mobile phone. Knowing this, it is fundamental to work on your mobile marketing capabilities.

15363365_sOptimize Email for Mobile Screens

Large images and hilarious memes are perfect for desktop web surfing, but they can significantly decelerate a mobile user. For this reason, many on your email list may delete your messages before they even finish loading. To combat this, just make sure your message is brief and has a call to action. Conciseness will become even more significant as wearable technology reduces customer attention even further.

Optimize Site for Mobile Users

It is simple to comprehend how important a mobile-friendly website is taking into consideration the number of people who access the internet via smartphone. It is highly improbable, though, that you realize exactly how important. As it turns out, 40% of clients will leave a website if it takes over three seconds to load. So if your webpage is not customized for mobile use, you could possibly lose 4 out of every 10 potential customers.

Offer Incentives via Mobile Marketing

One of the important things about mobile technology is that you can now make your shoppers market for you. By giving an incentive to consumers who “check in” via ShopKick, Facebook, FourSquare or other mobile sites, you can make a client happy while simultaneously alerting their friends about your business. You can even integrate Quick Response (QR) codes and even make an app to reward customers for their loyalty.

Mobile marketing is the latest big phenomenon. Verify that you are not left behind as it evolves.

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