Price Isn’t Everything: Great Advertising and Marketing Tools That Are Very Affordable

If you are marketing in this day and age, you are likely using content marketing. Normally, more than 30 percent of marketing budgets are devoted to this form of marketing. Thankfully, it is easy to outsource this task. For just a small number pennies per word, you can get great articles and blogs written from online content providers. If you find the right company you will get great, affordable content.

Price Isn't Everything: Great Advertising and Marketing Tools That Are Very AffordableRevamp Your Email Marketing

With the advent of social media many companies have moved away from email marketing. This is done from the belief that it’s not at all effective. As it turns out, though, 91 percent of Americans actually desire promotional emails from firms they do business with.

Fortunately, there are various email marketing platforms out there that charge as little as $20 to $50 a month. Best of all, there are free tools out there if your email list is not too large. This is an especially low expenditure that can really be worth it.

Establish Facebook Ads

Facebook’s aggressive attempts at getting local business owners to advertise may create the illusion that their ads are costly. After all, if they were affordable, everyone would utilize them, right? As it turns out, they are affordable.

For just a few dollars a month you can promote your preferred content. This helps to ensure that, even if you have a small following, people find their way to you. Even better, you can market to specific groups in your own community.

Center on Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most essential aspect of any modern promotional campaign. In fact, over 30 percent of marketing spending budgets now go towards creating content. Fortunately, it is easy to outsource this work. For only $0.01 to 0.02 per word, you can get 500 word posts written for you online. Simply find the right company to work with, and your content can be completely affordable.

Successful marketing does not always mean spending most of your revenue on additional promotion. As long as you are properly utilizing the right strategies, you can market your business for pennies on the dollar.

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