The Promotional Items You Should Employ and Drop

Promotional pens have always been a decent idea. In fact, 50 percent of people still receive at least one of these pens during a year. In the modern era, however, pens are simply not being utilized as electronic digital overtakes everything.

14562544_sThe ’80s Called, They Need Their Fanny Packs

While it may be hard for most people to grasp, fanny packs continue to be a thing. Sure these “belly bags” can be useful in a number of scenarios, but people just are not wearing them nowadays. As an alternative, go for drawstring bags. They provide more room, serve the same promotional intent, and don’t make people mimic they are in a video with Rick Astley.

Replace the Promotional Pen

There are a number of good things about offering promtional branded pens as a “freebie” to customers. If this was not the case, 50 percent of individuals wouldn’t have received one during any given year. As it turns out, though, the world is becoming more digital and pens are simply just being used less.

To combat this, start offering promotional pens with a stylus on the end. While people are using pens less, the writing utensil will be handy occasionally. And since everyone likes having a stylus for their mobile device, it will be your pen they choose.

It Is Raining Ponchos… Make it Stop

A poncho could seem like a excellent promotional product that really helps people out. Even though this is true, the fact is that people will still be getting half their bodies wet and only thinking of a local business once it starts raining. As an alternative, get promotional umbrellas. They’re more costly, but they last longer than ponchos. This makes a promotional umbrella a long lasting promotion investment.

Promotional items will invariably possess a place in marketing. Just be certain you aren’t using antiquated products in a modern world.

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