Are You Ready for the Next Facebook Pages Update?

Just when you thought you can relax, Facebook is rolling out a new Pages update that will require your attention if you’re intent on getting the most out of your business pages.

fb_icon_325x325Luckily, the changes are primarily cosmetic, easy to implement, and will make your Pages easier for people to find out information about your business. In fact, this is mostly a “rearranging the furniture” type of update, but it promises to be beneficial to business pages. Lets’ see how…

What are the new changes to your Facebook Pages?

  • A single column Timeline - The biggest modification you’ll notice is that your Timeline is going to show up on the right side of the page. The left column is going to be devoted to all of your business info, along with pictures and videos.
  • Significantly wider pages - The Page now measures a whopping 511 pixels, up from 403 before. This is more than a 25 percent bump over the space you had previously. You’ll now be able to insert larger images, and make you post even more visually exciting.
  • Where’s the Like button? - Okay, you may not like this one. The Like button is now going to be overlaid on your cover image. So, if you’ve got an image that’s busy or otherwise crowded, the Like button may not get found at all.
  • Apps pushed down - Another not too fun one: your Apps are now on the left side of the page, and are in danger of getting pushed even further down the page because of the advent of the new Similar Pages feature.
  • The new Similar Pages feature - This one comes into view when a person likes your page or one of your apps, and effectively shoves your Apps down below it. Worse, it could contain your competitor’s pages!

Right now you have to select to use the new design, and will likely be placed on the waiting list for updating. There will probably be a time in the not so distant future though when it is going to be obligatory. Not everybody may embrace the changes, but it’s a cleaner, more organized layout, even if we quibble with a few of the placements.

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