The Reasons Why Many Firms Avoid Pay-Per-Click Ads

Corporations are supposed to utilize any useful marketing tool they have access to. And since some studies showed a $2 return for every $1 spent on Google pay-per-click (PPC) ads, it seems PPC would be popular with every firm. As it turns out, though, this isn’t the case. Here’s why some businesses avoid PPC ads at all cost.

95cdfeefRandom Clicks Cost Money

The wonderful thing about PPC ads is that you will only be charged if someone actually clicks on your ad. As a result, though, this can be a blessing as well as a curse. Even if a client doesn’t make a purchase after clicking your ad, your small business will still pay.

Even worse, someone could inadvertently click the ad and you will still be charged. Many businesses dislike these odds, so they stay clear of PPC.

Takes Time for Results

In addition to the time necessary to set up a PPC ad account and create an effective ad, it can also take a while before observing any results. On average, it can take 3-6 months before any results from PPC ads are seen. To some budding business owners, this is simply too long to wait for results when paying decent money.

Customers are Savvy to Ads

Ad blockers and DVR technologies have shown that people don’t like getting advertised at. And even though a PPC ad will look related to what a individual is searching for, customers are now too smart to be enticed by this trickery.

Online searchers are seeking value, and they feel they can find this more with organic searches. This is why some research has shown 94 percent of clicks on Google are on organic results and not advertisements.

There are a handful of benefits to using pay-per-click ads. As with most matters in life, though,there are also shortcomings. And thanks to the previously mentioned cons, lots of firms do not even bother with PPC marketing and advertising.

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