Rebranding 101: Guidelines for the Small Business Owner

Before a rebranding can be prosperous, one must first perform consumer research. Could the small business, for example, possibly appeal to other demographics? Is your company already reaching demographics you had not estimated? Either way, your rebranding efforts will be far more efficient if you understand these consumers.

Complete Consumer Research

Before carrying out a great rebranding strategy, it is important to do a bit of customer research. Is it possible to draw in larger demographics than you have before? Maybe you already are bringing in new subsets of customers. Either way, understanding these shoppers will help you target your rebranding efforts towards them.

26615439_sMake a Brand Story

People like stories, and this extends to the businesses they do business with as well. Far too many budding entrepreneurs believe that simply having afantastic product is enough. This isn’t the case. When making an attempt to rebrand a company, creating a brand story is a quick way to do so.

While the Jared-Subway association is not great now, the initial rebranding worked amazingly. Subway created a brand story, and their revenues went from $3 billion to $11 billion because of it. In truth, creating a brand story is sometimes all a company needs to rebrand itself.

Look at Outside Help

It is sometimes hard for local business owners and their team members to be objective during a rebranding. This is because they are too close to the brand, and there may be elements they have become accustomed to which need to change.

This issue can beconquered by simply hiring an expert for a consultation. This does not have to be an ongoing thing. In fact, one or two hours of a consultant’s advice can be invaluable. As is the case with most things in the world of business, there is no need to go it alone.

Rebranding a company’s image can bring new life to the organization. Regardless of what your motivations may be, you will find that a well-planned rebranding can accomplish a whole lot.

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