Why Not Repurpose Your Content?

Creating great content isn’t easy. That’s why savvy marketers work to make the most from what they’ve created by repurposing their content, creating a life far beyond the original post or publication. This is much like what is commonly known as content syndication, but the difference is that the mediums change.

21228116_sWe’ve unearthed eight different channels for repurposing your content, and while the original content can be produced in any of them, this doesn’t limit how it can be repurposed. Here are eight great ways to repurpose your content!

  1. Articles or Blog Posts - Frequently the original content, it’s a no-brainer to post to your blog or site as a first option, before it gets spread around, so that you can receive the best search engine benefits from it.
  2. Videos - Creating a very simple video, even just with PowerPoint slides, can take advantage of the traffic and ranking YouTube can afford.
  3. Podcasts - Uploading a podcast of your content to iTunes and the many podcast directories can mean a LOT of downloads and traffic.
  4. Slideshows - Popular slide-sharing sites like Slideshare.net and Scribd.com have a ton of direct traffic and ranking love from Google.
  5. PDFs - Likewise there are numerous PDF directories to submit a PDF of your content.
  6. Infographics - One of the best ways to generate tons of views/visits is by creating an infographic and posting it to Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.
  7. Webinars or Hangouts - Using your content as the source of a webinar or Google Hangout is a terrific way to accomplish several things at once!
  8. Make it Micro! - Dividing up your content into micro-morsels for use in your social media marketing makes perfect sense, and can lead visitors to the full content, or really wherever you want.

Don’t let your content remain in the state it was created for long! Make plans when you are arranging the piece regarding the ways you may want to repurpose it. You can greatly increase the reach and influence your content will have, not to mention the traffic!

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