Why Routine Social Media Management Is Critical

Social media takes place in the wink of an eye. Word travels so fast that you might go to sleep feeling wonderful and wake up to a firestorm. This can be definitely apt to be true if you aren’t in the habit of routinely monitoring your social media channels. Keeping track of the conversations about you and/or your brand online could be much more than a reputation management best practice.

Focus on those in search of information early in the sales process can result in a significant increase in conversions. Mainly, however, this is about creating a firewall between trouble and you. Cutting the bad news off at the pass is the objective here, and there are a handful of very simple ways to manage this, which of course is everyone’s fear. It doesn’t have to take all day long, as shown in this HubSpot article.

8719395_sHow to keep pace with your social media online

  • Social media monitoring tools like TweetDeck or HootSuite are invaluable on the subject of saving time, and viewing most if not all of your social media in one place. They are easy to use, have free versions, and can make it easy to get in the habit of checking on your social media daily.
  • Since Google has recently chosen to end Google Reader and Google Alerts seems to be broken, marketers who have depended on these useful services are left scrambling to find viable alternatives to get and read newsfeeds. A couple of you can consider are NewsBlur, AOL Reader and for mobile, Flipboard. For Google Alerts try TalkWalker or Social Mention.
  • Scan for questions or comments on your blog, social networks, videos, and your Facebook pages. Answer anything pressing, particularly those that are unhappy or confused about your products or services. This can head off scads of trouble!

However you choose to do it, make sure you actually make the time in your hectic schedule to make this happen daily. Unsatisfied customers and unresolved issues will fester and turn into major headaches if you allow them to. Furthermore, this sort of problem will often take on a life of its own, magnifying what began as a small fire into a major conflagration! Don’t let this happen to you!

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