What to Consider When Doing SEO for E-commerce

Even though search engine optimization (SEO) seems straightforward on paper, there are hundreds of interlocking pieces that need to be monitored in practice if you require positive results.

32689182_sWhen it comes to e-commerce sites, the process becomes even more complicated than usual. In fact, e-commerce sites operate under a unique set of circumstances with a distinct set of best practices.

So to make this a reality let’s take a look at some of the more important aspects of SEO for e-commerce, and see if your pages measure up!

5 Best Practices in SEO for E-commerce

Unique content - Google prizes original unique content, and penalizes duplicate content. With so many newcomers in the e-commerce game, most are willing to copy the product description they find in Amazon or wherever else directly onto their pages. Not a good idea. Take the time to create unique descriptions for your pages.

Reviews and social proof - Most people are hesitant to purchase if they don’t see that someone has tested the waters before them That is why testimonials and social proof play such a large part in successful e-commerce pages. These are easy to get, and need to be a part of the plan!

Redirect old product pages - When you retire a product and simply ignore it, it still gets traffic and may eventually lead to a 404 error page, a bad SEO signal to Google. Avoid this by redirecting your old pages to new, more relevant ones.

Use unique imagery - Use unique images on your pages too. Like duplicate content in the form of text, using the same images found on Amazon won’t help you. If you can tackle some image editing, it’s simple enough to alter the images enough to make them unique, and perhaps adding a message of your own.

Use diverse content - Make the effort to use as many different types of content as possible. Infographics, customer video testimonials, and product demos can all lead to a richer customer experience in Google’s eyes.

Using these small tweaks in addition to traditional on-page SEO can result in your pages leapfrogging over the competition. All it will require is a little more work!

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