What Can Your Small Business Do With Social Media?

It can be easy to understand how a small business might be confused on the exact use of social media in their business. With all the attendant working parts of a marketing initiative such as this, no one could be blamed for not knowing what’s necessary to do and what’s not.

To cut through a bit of that confusion, let’s look at what small business is finding important to focus on, and how that may work for you!

10905726_sHow small business is using social media now

One thing that is apparent, from a recent study conducted by LinkedIn, is that the small businesses that are growing are those making an effort in both time and money with social media. 90 percent of those surveyed credited social media for a large part of their growth, brand awareness and 82 percent said it helps with new lead generation.

Of the small businesses that identified themselves as in hyper-growth, 73 percent of them increased their social spending in the last year, while of the businesses that aren’t experiencing growth, 53 percent reported no increased effort or spend.

What areas of social media should you focus on?

It’s very clear that successful small businesses are using social media as a marketing tool for lead generation. Ads on social media are skyrocketing popularity and effectiveness, and this can and should be an area of interest for any small business looking to expand their reach. Moreover, using social media for business intelligence, gaining valuable insights into your competition is an execllent use.

Last and surely not least, social reviews and mentions of your company or products can help you in a number of ways, from search to direct traffic, in addition to delivering timely social proof. Social media is not just a tool for large companies with large advertising budgets. Small business can play too, but like in most areas of your marketing, it may need some strategic thought to make the most of it!

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