Why Every Small Business Needs User-Generated Content

Local companies must strive to generate great content for their website and social media pages. They may be able to take a rest, though, by using user-generated content (UGC). This is content, whether it be reviews, Q&As or even simple posts, that is created by consumers rather than your business. A full 85 percent of consumers think UGC is more powerful than content created by brands, but there are several other benefits as well.

37750739 - people using different devices at one tableUser-Generated Content Develops Trust

One of the most popular benefits to user-generated content is the fact that it builds trust. The consumer who creates the content, for instance, often feels privileged if their photo, video or post is noticed and shared by a company. Additionally, other users will take note that a real person took their time to interact with your company. This lets them know that you actually build relationships rather than simply sell a product.

Search Engine Optimization Improvement

When you develop more content, your search engine value grows. Thankfully, this is also the case when shoppers create content for you. A Google search of any company will often return results of users leaving comments or posting on your other content from the business. Furthermore, Google candifferentiate between sales content and user-generated content. Luckily, they often times put more ranking value on the latter.

UGC Drives Up Engagement

Imagine posting a picture on Pepsi’s Facebook of yourself enjoying the beverage then finding out they later posted the image also. You would probably become a bit ecstatic over the prospect of millions of people seeing content you created yourself. This is true of all user-generated content, albeit on a smaller sized scale. If you share something a user produced, they and their friends will certainly share it as well. Remember that every piece of engagement is worth striving towards.

User-generated content is nothing new, but businesses are learning how to better utilize it these days. Take the time to get followers to interact by their sharing images, videos or even their opinion about your company. Content is content, and this is true regardless of where it came from.

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