See How Other Small Businesses Are Using Social Media

It wasn’t too long ago that small business thought social media nothing more than a time-sucking distraction; something to keep your employees from whiling away their days upon. Not any longer. Now you’d give your brother’s 401k for someone social media savvy enough to take your business to the next level.

14508183_sThe truth is, you probably have employees spending their work time on social media. What you may not have is a plan for how to best utilize their talents.

How are small businesses using social media going into 2015?

It’s now being reported that 74.5 percent of small businesses are utilizing social media to brand and otherwise promote their companies. And, they’re not afraid to spend some money either. Some 21.4 percent of these same businesses list social media as where their media dollars are spent. They’re not doing this for a time wasting activity!

What’s also clear is that Facebook is the leader in helping small business currently, with a full 55 percent of these companies possessing a Facebook Page, and 20 percent of these are active in using Facebook Ads to promote posts on those pages.

The other major players competing for attention from small businesses are LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Google+ could be included in this group, but as it stands now, having gone through yet another incarnation, many are unsure what to do with it. Google My Business is the latest offering from the folks at Google, and it is an ambitious attempt to consolidate Google+, Places, Map and God knows what else under one roof. We’ll see.

What can you do to get your business working with social media?

First of all dive right in! Make a Facebook Page, get accounts at the social sites that make sense for you, and above all, don’t spread yourself too thin. You’ll want to be posting content to these sites, not merely quotes from dead guys and pictures of cute kittens.

Start with a few social properties, like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and perhaps Twitter. If you have a lot of products that you can showcase, think about adding Pinterest and Instagram. The key here though is to make sure you don’t take on more than you can reasonably manage.

Make videos, and always strive to point people to where you want them to go, preferably your blog or site. Engage with anyone who wants to strike up a conversation, and be generous with your comments and knowledge. You’ll find that before long you’ll have more of a following than you anticipated!

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