What You Need to Know About Social Media

There is a lot to learn about social media. On top of the reality that it’s changing every few seconds, no one is nimble enough to keep on top of best practices for all the various platforms. Keeping that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the many things we DON’T know about social media.

16638967_sWhat you may not know about social media

It’s the best opportunity in years - There has never been so great an opportunity as exists right now with social media. The immense reach and breadth of your voice can make achievable in minutes what used to take years. And this not only means social ad platforms, but viral posts and shares. This is why you see large brands jumping in with both feet.

Creating visual content with value is the key - This isn’t to say you can throw anything up there and be deluged with people knocking down your virtual doors. Quality is the order of the day, and if you’ve got visual content, better still! No one likes to read anymore…(sob).

Engage your audience - One key to making sure your audience gets to be more than visitors passing through is by the use of engagement. Strive to engage on a regular basis, answering people when they have concerns or questions, in addition to speaking directly to them online through your pages or social media. It will pay off!

Post often - If you choose to post once a week, or when Jupiter is in some sort of phase, you’ll be quite lonely when it comes to social interaction. Put your company out there on a regular basis. You’ll know fairly quickly what number is right for you.

Quality matters - Posting content that your people find interesting, useful and engaging is a big part of your task here. It’s not just about linking your Facebook account with a ton of quotes from dead white guys!

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