Social Media Campaign Tips to Finish 2017 Strong

Social media has quickly become a marketing powerhouse. By the end of 2014, in fact, nearly 90 percent of companies were already using social media for promotional purposes. If your company isn’t doing it right, however, it might as well not be doing it at all. Fortunately, these social media marketing tips for 2017 can help your local business finish out the year strong.

Utilize Remarketing Ads

Have you ever looked at something on eBay only to find it show up later in your Facebook news feed? This isn’t coincidental: it’s remarketing. By purchasing remarketing ads connected to your social media account, you can catch people even after making a purchase has lapsed from their mind. This is one of the best ways to reach people who are already interested in a certain type of product.

An effective social media strategy can do great things for businesses of all sizes

Repurpose Old Content

Your social media marketing plan will do much better if you’re consistently putting out original content, but this doesn’t mean you can’t reuse content that’s been successful in the past. If a certain article garnered more engagement than normal, use the content to make a blog, white paper or video. Repurposing great content – and even periodically reposting the same content – can go a long way in improving your social media strategy.

Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource

While posting things to social media may seem like a simple endeavor, effective marketing on these platforms requires a bit of skill. Additionally, many local business owners find themselves posting infrequently because they simply don’t have the time to maintain an effective presence. For these reasons and more, you should never be afraid to use a third party to make your social media marketing successful.

Generate User Content

People are far more likely to trust content generated by other consumers rather than companies. This is why local businesses should solicit user-generated content. Whether it’s photos from inside the company or honest reviews in exchange for discounts, this type of content typically proves successful.

An effective social media strategy can do great things for businesses of all sizes, and fortunately, 2017 has been a great year for marketing on social platforms. If you integrate the aforementioned tips, though, 2018 can be even better.

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