Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

It’s no big surprise that social media marketing is a huge force in the advertising world. In fact, overall spending in this area was expected to double to $31 billion between 2014 and 2016. Of course, these social outlets are constantly changing, and emerging trends can seriously affect the way companies utilize these marketing tools. With that in mind, budding entrepreneurs should focus on these social media marketing trends in 2017.

Expiring Content Could Change the Game

When business owners post their content on social media, they know that, the longer it sits there, the less chance there is of someone seeing it. Unfortunately, it now seems as if content may disappear entirely.

59564945_sInstagram and Snapchat are experimenting with expiring content, and in some ways it could help businesses. If consumers know they have minimal time to view content, for instance, a sense of urgency may emerge. Unfortunately, this could also mean primed buyers never see great content.

Whether Facebook takes up this strategy is up in the air, but for now, expiring content is certainly a trend to watch.

Thought Influencers Become Essential

More businesses and individuals join social media every day, and with all the posts they throw up, content clutter becomes a serious issue. This is why many companies are turning to thought leaders and influencers to get their content out there. It will cost a little money to have a celebrity or other influencer post a company’s content, but with people like wrestler Chris Jericho, model Amanda Jean and funnyman Bam Margera sharing others’ content, real opportunities exist.

Social Sites Demanding More Paid Ads

There was a point in time where social media users would see what their favorite brands posted just because they “liked” them. Unfortunately, social media has effectively been fully monetized. Business owners are complaining that their posts aren’t being seen unless they pay money, and in 2017, this will likely only get worse.

Even Snapchat is now tossing ads between stories. These social sites claim they’re trying to show users what they really want, and the implication that business messages don’t fall into this category is strong. Facebook’s algorithm will continue to make things difficult for businesses in 2017, so it might be time to consider a few paid ads.

Social media marketing is here to stay, and if businesses aren’t already utilizing it, they’re doing themselves a huge disservice. Once on the train, though, they must stay vigilant. Failure to keep up with trends in this world can only lead to failure.

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