How to Start Mobile Marketing

You know you should embrace mobile marketing as an integral component of your online business, but just can’t wrap your head around how to get started. Everyone you know, and probably you too, are glued to their mobile devices 24/7. Anyone with eyes can tell the time to begin marketing with mobile is now!Mobile1

Since about 50 percent of all web traffic is now on a mobile device, and roughly half of all emails are opened on a mobile, let’s concentrate on the items that will pay off for you and your business right now!

4 Ideas to quickly utilize mobile marketing in your business!

  1. Get a mobile website - Mobile devices show your site much differently, as you’re undoubtedly aware. The small screen gives us new imperatives, the most critical of those being to increase font and button size, optimize images for small screens, and keep in mind that you’ll need shorter, punchier text, as everyone hates to read a lot on their phone.
  2. Make sure to optimize your emails! - Email is a huge profit center on mobile, and you should employ many of the same optimization tacticsfor this. Make it brief, and lead to where you want them to go quite plainly. Don’t make people work; make it easy!
  3. Use location based services - Location based services like Yelp, FourSquare and Facebook are discovering large audiences as folks are becoming accustomed to having ads follow them around as they are out. Imagine delivering your mobile coupons to those who happen to be in the neighborhood!
  4. Look into mobile ads - We are now observing that mobile ads are converting about 5 times better than regular internet ads. An added bonus is that, because this is still quite new to most online advertisers, there is a lot of unsold inventory, which keeps the prices low, just waiting for someone to come along and take advantage!

Mobile marketing is really not nuclear physics. What it is though is a marvelous way of getting your business face-to-face with those looking for just what you have to offer today!

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