Getting Started with Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t yet succumbed to the reality that you’ll be needing social media marketing from here forward, well, I hope you have a Plan B for your online survival. The honest truth is that social media is pervasive now in nearly every facet of online marketing, and while the opportunity is great, so is the challenge.

19978298_sThe reality is that your audience, or at least a vast portion of it, is residing on social networks, and if you are not taking part, you can be quite sure your competition is, gathering all the leads that might have been yours. It’s also where they go to get recommendations, tips and advice, a game you need to be influencing as well.

How to learn to use the various social media channels

Determining which social media channels you need is a logical first step. The major social media players as of this writing are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. A second tier with audiences smaller but equally passionate is made up of sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. Tumblr, Vine and Snapchat make up a short list of up and comers.

Understanding each site’s demographic can help you decide how much emphasis you should place on each, together with your particular market.

Using social media sites for business

Finding and growing an audience for your business through the use of social media is in many ways far faster and easier than it is with traditional online marketing. The potential for having your content and sites shared far beyond your own reach is very real, and can help grow your influence.

The one constant in social media is change, and you need to keep abreast of what’s what in order to effectively market with this channel.

To help with that here is a great collection of social media resources that will give you a great foundation and knowledge going forward. One of our favorites on this list is the blog Social Media Examiner.

The rewards of a successful social media initiative are many, ranging from large amounts of traffic to developing a truly engaged and passionate following. Both of which sound great to me!

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