Strategies for Improving Your Landing Pages

Employ social proof – No one wants to be the first to jump in, and research show that people often look for social proof before buying. Make it easy on them by including customer reviews and trust seals and badges whenever possible.

The obvious answer is, you would. Let us take a look at 5 ways you can better optimize your landing pages for more conversions, whether for sales or lead generation.

19624231_s5 Approaches for Optimizing Landing Pages

Exact and to the point - Generally a landing page has one distinct goal that you want to make crystal clear upon arrival. You need to tie in your search query with your headlines and copy. Use bullet points to stress benefits and vital information. Use clear, powerful calls to action that leave no question what the reader needs to do next.

Choose your words meticulously – Include your main keywords and direct your reader to the action you want them to perform. You have limited space and time here, so economy is the word of the day. Try and use the most robust language you can.

Do not ignore conventional SEO – Things like title tags, descriptions and keyword intention also make a difference with landing pages, and can help them rank in Google’s search results. Additionally, by utilizing excellent on-page SEO you are far more likely to get high relevance and quality scores from Facebook and Google with paid ads.

Test several iterations – Be sure you test various versions of your landing pages for headlines, images and color, among other things. Although it can take additional time, it is an uncomplicated way to seriously increase your sales!

Use social proof and trust evidence – If you can squeeze in recommendations, you should do so, and trust seals and badges are also valuable. Every bit of trustworthiness you can inject will benefit you.

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