How to Get Super Creative with Content Marketing

Content marketing quickly became an integral part of every marketing plan over the past few years. In fact, an average of 32 percent of marketing budgets goes directly towards content strategies. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to remain creative while churning out enough content to keep people’s attention. Luckily, these tips can minimize that difficulty.

Be Funny if Possible

Effective marketing is all about psychology, and if a business owner can make people consistently smile, there’s little doubt as to whether they’ll have a customer for life. Of course, what better way to make someone smile than through a bit of humor?

Marketers spend more time coming up with a title than actually creating their content.

This doesn’t mean that an entire blog has to have a joke on every line, but dropping humor naturally throughout can keep an individual in a positive mood while they view the content. It’s also important not to force humor. Letting it happen naturally is always the way to go.

Focus Hard on Creating Great Headlines

Some entrepreneurs create great content only to find it dead on arrival when it hits social media. Unfortunately, this is often related to one simple issue: a terrible title. If the title of a piece of content doesn’t immediately grab someone’s attention, it’s unlikely that they’ll even take the time to click on it.

This means that some marketers spend more time coming up with a title than actually creating their content. In all honesty, though, producing an attention-grabbing title is something learned over time.

Business owners who have devoted marketing teams have the luxury of letting someone else do it. For those “going it alone” in the marketing world, though, it may be time to start looking up title tips.

Repurpose Creativity

Repurposing old content might seem like anything but creative. After all, how is reusing old content creative? The simple fact is that, if something creative worked great before, there’s no shame in making it useful again.

If a creative blog got plenty of traffic, repurpose it into a video. Did an older white paper catch lots of attention? Turn it into a dozen blogs. Just because something has already been done doesn’t mean it’s not creative – especially in the marketing world.

Creativity is not a lost art in the world of promotion – it’s just harder to find these days. For business owners who devote themselves to putting out informative, useful and creative content, though, the aforementioned tips can go a long way in finding success.

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