Want More Traction from Your Facebook Ads? See These 5 Tips!

Facebook ads have become a powerful tool for the average marketer, enabling them to reach vast numbers of people they might otherwise not have had the budget or capability to find. It’s also very cost effective if you know a bit about how to manage your campaigns, which makes it an extremely viable choice when compared to Google Adwords and other PPC platforms.

facebook-ads-logoImagine having the ability to dial in a highly targeted audience based on interests and behaviors and have your ads up and running, bringing you new leads and sales within hours. That can happen, but you need some knowledge to make it happen. Here are 5 tips which can help guide the way!

5 Tips for maximizing your Facebook Ads

Become a targeting master - The single most effective way to succeed with Facebook Ads is to become a whiz at creating targeted audiences for your ads. This is not as fearsome as it sounds, as Facebook offers you a number of great tools to help, notably one called Audience Insights. Utilize these to drill down and create the prefect audience for your offers.

Use Mobile and Desktop - Right now the best converting ads seem to be the desktop ads and mobile. Right side ads can work, but test your offers carefully there. Since mobile now is used more than half of the time to access Facebook, it makes no sense not to use it.

Use Dayparting and segment your ads - Taking advantage of the dayparting feature in Facebook, where you can ensure that your ads are only shown at times most advantageous to your audience, only makes sense. Likewise, be sure to segment your audiences for easy re-use later on.

Don’t use tired creative - Use vivid and compelling images for your ads. This can take a bit of time, but the right images will sell you ad far better than any words. And please don’t use images that have been used time and again.

Check out lookalike audiences - One of the latest and greatest of Facebook’s ad innovation, is the creation of lookalike audiences, where you build new audiences of people similar to previous audiences you’ve created, emails lists, and more. This one is a game changer.

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