What’s Trending in Website Design

If we were talking about new trends in web design a few years ago, the conversation would be a lot less exciting and full of innovation than it is today. Every year there are new ideas and implementations that come into being, and we are much the better for it.

15059586_mTrends carry over from year to year but there are several emerging trends you may want to be aware of. The one thing that is clear is that a design trend has a chance to morph into something entirely more useful with time and innovation. (Flat design >>Material design)

Let’s check out what’s trending for website design in 2015.

5 Web design trends you will see a lot of in 2015

Making your sites with responsive design - This is one that’s been here awhile, but has never been more vital, especially with Google announcing that beginning April 21st, 2015, sites that aren’t mobile friendly will find themselves lagging in the search results. Considering that mobile search accounts for some 50% of all search traffic, that’s a big hit. This year responsive is the norm, and no longer a nice option.

Huge images - Having large, evocative images adorn our pages has never been easier to do. With better bandwidth availability and image compression it doesn’t have to slow your pages loads down. This is making the visual component of your pages so much more interesting!

Scrolling over clicking - The technique of making a longer, more flowing page in mobile will continue to gain ground, as this decreases page load time, encourages interaction and is more intuitive. It’s all about user experience, and this element delivers in a major way.

Creative typography - The availability and usefulness of fonts for web design is ever expanding, and will make for a richer, more vibrant feel to your pages. Where you used to have to shell out the big bucks for a custom font, the advent of resources like Google Fonts (free) are making this a reality.

The arrival of Semi-flat design - It seems as though flat design has now grown up and is now come to be known as “semi-flat”, or “Material design”. (Google’s term) This has come to pass through the use of subtle gradients, layering, and sometimes animation, creating a rich user experience.

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