Trends Currently Affecting Email Marketing

Before 2015 even began, a full 73 percent of marketers said one of their core business strategies was email marketing. This shows just how important this promotional tactic has become, but like all things in life, email marketing constantly evolves. It is because of this that small business owners must stay on top of evolving email trends.

Video Integrated Into Email

43618732_sYou may wonder, what is the point of integrating video directly into emails when you can just provide links to videos? The answer rests in consumers’ attention spans. When an email recipient has to leave your message to view a video, especially on sites like YouTube, they are inundated with additional videos, ads and other visual stimuli. Because this is distracting from the message, marketers are beginning to rely more heavily on in-email videos.

Heavier Focus on Personalization

It only takes one non-focused email for a consumer to mark your message as spam. If this occurs, all of your future messages will be filtered out, even if that was not the intent. This is why emails are becoming more personalized. This is more than just adding a greeting with a person’s name.

With some marketing tools, you can have different messages sent to different segments of your list. If you separate your list by age, for instance, Millennials can get marketing emails focused on something different than those sent to senior citizens. Look into the many personalization tools available to see which is best for your business and email list.

More Push towards Simplicity

Wearable technology is hitting the scene like a storm. Unfortunately, this means changes will need to be made on email marketing. On these small screens, for instance, consumers will only see a small part of your email header and inner text.

All of this will happen while on the go. So if you are unable to immediately grab their attention, your message will likely end up in the trash before they are even stationary to read it. Make sure your headers and text immediately grab their attention.

Email marketing is not going anywhere. It is a marketing reality, so make sure that you are evolving with it.

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