The Trends that will Define Content Marketing in 2017

The speed in which technology evolves has made certain marketing tasks easier, but the fast-paced environment of innovation also means new trends can easily catch us off guard. One area of promotion that local business owners must consistently keep tabs on is that of content marketing. The tactic is essential for any successful advertising strategy, and these are the content marketing trends of 2017 that entrepreneurs need to know.

More Focused Content

gxd8hcmi0iq-parker-byrdCompanies that get in on the ground floor of any new marketing trend typically do well. Unfortunately, content marketing is no longer the new kid on the block, and just about every business out there has tried out the technique. This means it’s getting more difficult for broad or loosely-linked topics to get off the ground.

Because of this, businesses will start focusing more on their primary niche. Instead of creating large amounts of content that may compete against several industries, they’ll work on focused content, targeted channels and personalization. This will create better engagement.

Live Streaming Video Becomes the Norm

By April 2016, Facebook boasted 8 billion video views every single day. Facebook Live now allows businesses to take advantage of this trend in real time. It might be difficult for local business owners to come up with ideas for streaming video, but they must figure it out if they’re to keep up with competition. Whether it’s community events, how-to videos or simply a company gathering, these live videos can get fans even more engaged.

Influencer Marketing Takes Off

Influencer marketing has honestly been around forever, but 2016 saw an explosion in its use. Luckily, 2017 seems poised to take this trend to new heights. It’s not even necessary to have trusted sources write content. Instead, content creators are having stars ranging from WWE’s Chris Jericho to tattoo model Amanda Jean, share their content via social media for a fee.

Consumers Demand Interactive Content

Blogs, white papers, articles and case studies will always remain a powerful tool in content marketing, but businesses must meet customer demand for interactive content if they want online and offline success. Content such as quizzes, presentations and interactive articles that let consumers choose what they see will be in high demand.

Content marketing is and will remain a necessity in the promotional world. Outbound marketing just isn’t as effective as it once was, but budding entrepreneurs who focus on the content marketing trends of 2017 can make up for this change in marketing direction.

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