What is Triberr and How Can It Help Your Business?

The first question a lot of you may have is, what is Triberr? Sensible enough, as it is a relative newcomer.

Triberr is a newish social network for bloggers, whose primary goal is to help you share your excellent content and that of others in your “Tribes”. Tribes are simply groups of bloggers who are actively producing content within the same market or niche and have banded together. As you create new content, it’s shared with other Tribe members via the Triberr feed, and they’ve got the ability to comment and share it to their readers and social networks, which include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

9517170_sOther attractive aspects of Triberr

If you are searching for good content for your own blog, Triberr makes it simple to “reblog” content directly to your blog with but one click. You, of course, are also in this position, effectively getting guest posts on other blogs through no additional effort on your part.

Also, there is the matter of a nice influx of traffic to your blog. If you’re a small business blogger, this will mean more visitors and due to the nature of this traffic, more engagement also.

Starting with Triberr

Once you have joined Triberr and set up your account, (don’t worry, it is free to join) you can begin finding tribes you’d like to join, sharing content you find there, as well as creating content of your own for members of the tribe to share. Although this might sound like a drawn out process, in reality it can materialize quite quickly.

You can also monetize Triberr through what they call the “Influencer Marketing Platform”. This is where you can be an online spokesman for a brand and get paid for it.

Triberr touts itself as a “Blog Amplification Platform” and currently has more than 50,000 tribes and more than 2,000,000 visits a month dispatched to member blogs.

If you’ve got a business blog and you are hoping to start seeing more traffic and social engagement from it, you’d do well to check out joining and using Triberr.

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