Now That Twitter Ads Are Available to All, Is Twitter the Tool of Choice Now?

Twitter announced on April 30th that its ad platform is now accessible to all that want to give it a whirl. For more than a year testers have been using the program, and Twitter has been soliciting user feedback and tweaking Twitter ads.

10950686_sThe significant difference in this ad platform would be that you are charged when anyone follows your promoted account from your ad, or someone retweets, replies, favorites or clicks on your promoted tweets. This has been a while coming, and the jury is still out exactly how effective it will be, but some of the questions it brings to mind are indeed interesting. Like, for example, is Twitter now a viable alternate to Facebook? Who wins in a head-to-head showdown?

Facebook vs. Twitter!

Back in the day, (a couple of years ago) this would have been no contest. These days – not so sure who wins. To be sure, there are several variables that will factor into who takes home the crown. I suspect that the answer in fact may well be, it all depends. Facebook has been the undisputed King of social media, what with the practical advantages it had. The first huge network to utilize business and personal pages, along with an ad platform that for those who understand how to use it, that rivals anything Google aspires to.

The Case for Facebook

Besides the obvious business pages that are getting more and more useful, the grasp of its network is truly astounding. With more than a billion users, Facebook has developed into a much more than a place where you can catch up with with old school chums. Now, with well-oiled Facebook Pages, relevant groups and an extremely robust ad platform, you have most everything you could want in a social media outlet.

Twitter’s Up

Twitter gets the advantage of immediacy, and features a number of extremely useful applications, like advanced search for leads, the ability to use embedded Tweets as testimonials, and it’s an excellent platform for customer service. Inspite of the obvious differences in the length of the information you can share, Twitter’s speed and agility have definitely brought it into the game with Facebook.

Spend some time to find where your market is, and what social outlets they use best, then see if that one (Or both of them!) fits your business!.

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