Twitter Mistakes Local Businesses Must Avoid In 2016

Local business owners must use every marketing tool at their disposal to overcome local and national competitors. This means focusing as much on social media as any other strategy, and as Twitter surpassed 305 million monthly users in 2015, it’s obvious the social media world is ripe for effective marketing in 2016. Of course, this is only the case if the following Twitter marketing mistakes are avoided.

43251639 - wind up bird eats lettersAlways Use Hashtags

If something is tweeted without any hashtags, it is likely that only a company’s current followers will see it. When these hashtags are included, though, anyone searching for a specific topic could come across the message. Up to two hashtags will increase engagement by 21 percent. Anything over that could result in a reduction in interaction.

Be Smart About Trending Topics

Many small business marketers schedule out their marketing tweets in advance and never look back. After all, it’s nice not having to spend all day on Twitter. It’s important to remember, though, that trending topics can get a company serious attention.

This is why tossing out a few tweets related to hot topics every day is essential. Don’t jump on every bandwagon, though; make sure the trends can somehow be related to the company. Hopping on a Twitter tag just because it’s trending can look quite tacky.

Misuse of Mentioning People

Tweeting content out to industry thought leaders and celebrities is a great way to potentially make a tweet go viral. Unfortunately, some marketers hide the message from their followers when doing this. A tweet that begins with a mention (i.e. @ThisGuy) will only be shown to the mutual followers a business shares with “ThisGuy.” By including the mention in the middle of the tweet, however, it’s ensured that a company’s fans will all see the message even if they don’t follow “ThisGuy.”

Twitter may never be the social media giant that Facebook is, but it has undoubtedly surpassed all expectations. The site provides an entirely different social media experience, and in essence, a completely different type of marketing can be implemented there. If marketers change anything about their Twitter presence in 2016, it should be to avoid the aforementioned mistakes.

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