Twitter Tips for Businesses in 2017

It’s unlikely that Twitter will ever catch up to the massive following Facebook has accrued, but with over 310 million active monthly users, the site is obviously a marketing goldmine. Of course, this is only the case if it is utilized correctly, and as with anything online, the rules of the game can change overnight. Fortunately, a few Twitter trends for 2017 are emerging, and they provide insight on how organizations can effectively use the site for marketing.

Utilize New Ad Options

Marketers have long been able to promote tweets, but the recently released “conversational ads” are a whole new frontier. These ads will directly engage with followers, typically asking them a direct question with included hashtags. Followers can then share the tweet, along with personalizing it, and then are shown a call to action. Their friends on Twitter will then see the original ad that they responded to and can engage from there. It’s the perfect way to get clients to work for you.

Take Advantage of New Character Limits

While the 140-character limit on Twitter will not change, what you can do with it certainly will. The site has rolled out a variety of updates to their tweets, and it will allow marketers to get the most out of their 140-characters. When attaching media such as photos and videos, for instance, they will no longer count towards your limit.

You’ll also be able to send out replies and retweets without usernames affecting the 140-characters. Take time to get familiar with these new features, and you’ll be far ahead of the competition by the time 2017 rolls around.

46893814_sOffer Improved Customer Service

Brands can always respond to consumer tweets, but Twitter now allows them to take customer service to a whole new level. There’s a new customer support page on your Twitter dashboard, and it will create a “Provides Support” button on your page in addition to letting followers know when you’re online.

The new feature also allows any user on the site, even if they’re not following you, to send a direct message. Let’s be honest, great customer service is the best marketing out there.

To stay ahead of your competition, you have to stay ahead of the trends. All of the aforementioned features will define business-customer relationships in 2017. Getting prepared now is your ticket to a successful upcoming year.

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