These Video Marketing Trends of 2017 Will Define Your Success

Video marketing once meant recording a commercial and paying for it to air on local broadcast channels. With tools like YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook Live, however, video marketing has taken on a new role in online promotion. Facebook and Snapchat alone each boast 8 billion video views per day, so video promotion obviously reaches the masses. Business owners who want to take advantage of this should note these video marketing trends of 2017.

0vgg7cqtwco-rodion-kutsaevMore Focus on Multi-Channel Marketing

Some business owners think it’s enough to post a video on YouTube and share it in their weekly newsletters. While this is an important aspect of video marketing, it’s essential for you to realize that videos need to be shared across multiple channels.

Keep on utilizing YouTube and email newsletters, but take the time to upload these videos directly to Facebook as well. Head over to sites like StumbleUpon or Reddit and post links. You can even post videos directly on your Twitter feed. The more platforms you share your video marketing content to, the more eyes you’ll get on it.

Move Towards 360-Degree Video

Consumers have fallen in love with 360-degree video. This relatively new technology allows users to really get a sense of what they’re looking at. It’s almost as if customers are actually there. In fact, recent studies have found that the same video, if posted normally and in 360-degree format, will get nearly 29 percent more engagement if it’s 360-degrees. Not every industry will benefit as much from the technology, but those who can think of great ways to utilize it will have an advantage.

“Infotainment” Becomes Essential

“Infotainment” is essentially a marketing message that’s informative and entertaining at the same time. If you’re completely honest with yourself, you know that most content has been posted time and again online. Consumers can get the same information from thousands of different websites. Your video content needs to stand out, and by making it informative and entertaining, you’ll succeed in that endeavor.

The video marketing trends of 2017 are what will define a large portion of marketing strategies in the coming year. By staying ahead of these trends, local business owners should be able to increase online engagement along with offline success.

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