Enrich Your Content With Visual Media

Let’s face it, everyone these days would much rather watch a video, scan an image or gaze into an infographic. Like it or not, reading is out, viewing is in. With over 300 million photos uploaded Facebook every day, and disregarding all the other visual media uploaded to other sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Google+, you can’t possibly need any more proof that the time for you to make the most of visual media in your content is now!

5668981_mLet’s take a look at 5 simple solutions to enrich your content with visual media

  1. Use photo sharing sites to display your products! - Sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr can deliver lots of traffic, along with valuable social signals and links to your pages. Expect the same and more from posting to Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr.
  2. Create videos - If you haven’t begun to make videos for your brand yet, don’t wait a moment longer! There are no longer any real technical barriers to online video, so there goes that excuse! YouTube alone could wind up being your largest traffic source, and there are lots of other choices available as well, such as Twitter’s Vine, Instagram and more.
  3. Create Infographics - A sharable infographic is one of the better varieties of new content out there, blending interesting visuals with text and facts. These frequently get shared near and far!
  4. Make your own visual media - Creating memes along with other original content will typically stand a better chance of going viral, since they are unique and brand specific.
  5. Crowdsource your visuals! - Get those fans involved by holding contests, promotions and events that they can provide visual content to your brand. This could easily go viral, and become shared all over!

Content has become largely visual, and this shows no signs off changing anytime soon. Tell your brand’s story with visual media and go where the buyers are!

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