The Walking Dead and The Act of Online Marketing Victory

We can discover ways to survive zombie attacks from The Walking Dead, but we also discover much more. When we utilize the aforementioned tactics, we become better suited to survive a harsh marketing world.

32138745_sTiming is Basically Everything

AMC undoubtedly made a great move by releasing The Walking Dead on Halloween in 2010, but the survivors on the show also realize how vital timing is. Inspite of what they are doing, they understand to be indoors before dark.

For local companies, timing is also essential in online marketing. For instance, did you know that 17 percent of Facebook likes all take place on Fridays? How about the fact that posting after 8 pm or before 8 am can throttle your reach? In the apocalypse and social media, timing is imperative.

Remember the Simple Things

Sure the Governor did nicely with a tank, and Rick with an assault rifle in his hands cannot be stopped. However, I am not saying they forget the simple things. Daryl’s crossbow and Michonne’s katana are simple, but they get the job done.

Try to remember this when preparing your online marketing. Whether it’s a funny meme or a simple picture of your appropiate product, consumers sometimes don’t need amazing features to stay happy.

Be Ready to Adapt

If there is one thing survivors on The Walking Dead have had to do, it is adapt and overcome. From coming to terms with a reality where the dead walk the earth, to growing past the “do no harm” mantra that Rick naively had when first waking up, there’s no question that adaptation is essential for survival.

For your small business, this applies as well. As ad blockers become more prevalent, you will need to reassess your pay-per-click budget. If a new advertising and marketing platform begins to gain steam with your target demographic, it could be time to start shelling out some money on the platform. Adaptability means survival, in both the actual and The Walking Dead universes.

The Walking Dead has shown us much about zombies, but local businesses also learned a few lessons. By working on these aspects, your online marketing strategy can pull through any apocalypse.

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