Why you need Google Places for your Local Orlando Business Online

As many small business owners are starting to discover local Search Engine Optimization is one of the key ways to drive traffic to your website. Local searchers are more likely to visit your place of business once they find your site online. These local traffic searches are incredibly well targeted traffic. One of the best ways to increase your local traffic is to use Google Places.

Google Places and Google Maps are connected tools that can be used to bring searchers to your local business. These are great opportunities for local businesses to share their offerings with searchers who are near to their location.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your Google Places entry is properly optimized.

1. Ensure that all of your information is consistent. Check all of your on-line directory listings and make sure that all of your information is the same as your Google Places entry.

2. Provide Links to all of your social media in your online directory accounts.

3. Make sure you use the same imagery and branding throughout your accounts.
Include all of the same information in each listing.

4. Ask for interaction. One of the best ways to optimize your Google Places is getting user generated content. When people see that other customers have interacted with your Google Places page they will gain trust in your business. Encourage this interaction. You could include discount codes that they could use when they visit your store. Ask your customers to post video testimonials and encourage your customers to upload photos of themselves on your business page.

5. Make sure you include any keyword terms that you think your customers may be searching for. Targeted keywords specific to your location can offer great traffic results. Think about what your customers want then add imagery or blog posts that show how you will meet these needs.

Google Places is a great way to promote local traffic to your business.

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