Writing Persuasive Copy that Gets Results!

If you hope to sell anything to anyone on the web then it is vital that you figure out how to craft persuasive copy. Not very tough you say? Perhaps until you’ve tried it once or twice. Then you start to realize why top copywriters get paid a lot of money. You don’t need to surrender just yet, however. There are basic elements of copyrighting and persuasion that will help your copy do what you want it to, and best of all, they can be learned!

10071472_s4 Essential steps to persuasive copy

  • Be sure that it’s scannable - We hear constantly how no one reads on the web anymore – they scan. It is sadly very true, since these are the cards we’ve been dealt, here are some tips on how to make sure that your copy is read by the scanning surfer intent on leaving your page. Use plenty of white space, bullet points, sub-headlines, bolding and color, and compelling images to reel them in and hold their interest.
  • Write conversationally - Write as though you’re talking with a friend. No one wants a lecture. So regardless of the topic, and just how technical it could appear, be sure you write as you talk. It really helps with building the trust you are wanting to build with your reader, especially if you are hoping to get them to buy anything eventually.
  • Structure to your conclusion - Humans usually process information best when offered in a narrative fashion, so be sure and tell your story! Beginning, middle and end, rising action to a climax. Strong headlines that seize the reader. All leading to a conclusion that compels your reader to take some action in whatever form you are asking.
  • Be certain to use a call to action - Don’t be bashful about having a strong call to action in your writing. Often times this element is either missing entirely or so obscure that it may as well be! The fact is that if this is the case, you’re likely disappointing and in all probability confusing the reader. Never write anything without a strong call to action!

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